D-DAY History

On June 6, 1944 the greatest military operation, combining naval, air and ground forces took place in Normandy.

Code-named Operation Overlord, the landings marked the start of a campaign which led to the final Allied victory. D-Day is one of the most significant events of World War II.
At the end of June 6, 156,000 troops had landed in Normandy — six months later, the Allies had transferred 4 million men to France.

A visit to the Normandy Beaches will encourage the youngest generation to investigate and understand the critical problems faced by the Allies while planning the operation.
Besides the beaches themselves, a journey to Normandy gives the oppurtunity to visit a variety of historical sites,  war cemeteries and memorials as well as a range of museums.

Whereas evidences of the battle can be found in the landscapes, a deeper interpretation can be experienced in the museums, allowing the youngest generation to explore the reasons why events and outcomes in history are not inevitable.


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