William The Conqueror

Come with us to discover some of the major Norman sites linked to William the Conqueror’s history and his successors.
The duke William was born in Falaise in 1027. You will visit the anglo-norman castle built by his son Henri the 1st and his grand grandson Henri the 2nd Plantagenêt.
Then we will go to Bayeux, walk around the old town , visit the Cathedral dedicated at the end of William’s reign and you will dscover the magnificient Tapestry telling the conquest of England and the Hasting taking place in 1066.
We will end up the day in Caen, chosen by William to be his dukedom’s capital city. Walk around the Castle’s remparts, have a look to the Women’s Abbey and visit the Men’s abbey and St Etienne Church where the remains of Duke William are buried.

Leaving from: Bayeux
Time: 9h-17h
Cost: from 420€ (Please contact us)